The Wild Oarsman



 As you can imagine I am going to have to comprimise on somen luxuries that we take for granted on a daiy bases...Warm showers, a comfertable bed, and many otherthings. One of witch is having a comfertable toilet seat to sit on. Yes, I will have to 'do it' in a bucket for 60 days!



£7 Will supply me with one of the 600 Ration packs that i will be taking with me across the Atlantic. As you can imagine I'm going to be burning allot of calories, around 6,000 - 8,000 calories per day.
Thats allot of food!


Phone Call

Allone, no one to talk to, for over 60 Days.
Donating £25 will go towards funding my Satalit phone and minutes, so i can make a phone call home and catch up with family and friend every now and then.
Who knows, I might even give you a ring. 


Row back

As you can imagine, rowing across the atlantic isn't easy. Your £50 Donation will go towards funding the shipping of my boat from Antigua (the finish line) back to the Uk. If I don't raise enough funds i'll end up having to row home again ;)